2014 December Minutes

Blackness Area Community Council

Minutes of Meeting 18 December 2014, Community Hall


Council members: Merv Archibald (MA), Nick Paul (NP), Dave Lawson (DL), M Knott (MK), M Watt (MW),

K James (KJ) and T Donnelly (TD)

In addition, 3 members of the public were present.

Apologies: Sharman Faulds, Nan Wylie, Councillor Ann Ritchie

MA opened the meeting at 7.30pm by welcoming all those attending.

Approval of Previous Minutes 15 October 2014 Approved, proposed DL, Seconded NP

Community Police Report

PCs Iain Kyle and and Erin Band attended and gave a report for the area since 19 November. Two incidents, one was the theft of a lawnmower and the other an attempted break in – both remain under investigation. Antisocial behaviour and drug dealing – no reports of either. Community engagement - Community officers continue to be involved in local issues. Please email any feedback from the meeting to Inspector Christopher Stewart (Christopher.Stewart@scotland.pnn.police.uk).

M W reported a break in and theft of 2 motor bikes from 7 Mannerston Holdings around 6.30pm last night. PC Kyle noted this and was asked if a talk on security matters could be given to a future BACC meeting.

Actions from Previous Minutes

{C}{cke_protected_1}· {C}{cke_protected_2}Blackness Primary School liaison MA liaising with Parents Council

{C}{cke_protected_3}· {C}{cke_protected_4}Replacement notice board at public toilet ongoing.

{C}{cke_protected_5}· {C}{cke_protected_6}Admin grant DL will action

{C}{cke_protected_7}· {C}{cke_protected_8}War memorial restoration fund ongoing

{C}{cke_protected_9}· {C}{cke_protected_10}Christmas Fair on Saturday 22nd November SG reported on the very successful event, which made a clear profit in excess of £800. Possible projects to partially funded by this include a green gym or more play park equipment. NP will discuss with Art Berg in the Council.

{C}{cke_protected_11}· {C}{cke_protected_12}Community Council computer/laptop grant MA and DL completed an application form for a grant of £274.80 to pay for a printer. MA will submit the application.

Future Events/ Fundraising

Hogmanay party. MW advised this was organised and tickets selling well.
Ceilidh. Decided to hold this on Saturday 28 March 2015.

Community Projects

John Muir Way (JMW) celebrations and Blackness – Bo’ness Path. Opening event pencilled in for Saturday 25th April. JMW sub committee to meet early January to plan in more detail.
Blackness is Beautiful – in addition to the range of current activities which are having an immediate positive impact, MW proposed a longer term aim to carry out tree planting to sustain the crucial landscape structure of our area – to be discussed further. Cycle stands, village pumps moving and repairs to be addressed. Use some of the existing grant to repaint the play park horse and toilets. The reinstatement of accesses to houses around The Square will mean the loss of 3 parking spaces, making the possibility of a car park at the church all the more important.


DL reported current balance is £3,711.85 of which £1,031.24 is BACC funds and £2,680.61 Christmas Fair funds. See attached spreadsheet. A BACC cheque in the sum of £274.80 was passed to MA to reimburse him for the cost of the printer he procured for the Community Council. DL to arrange for a third signatory for BACC cheques.

Councillors’ Update


Planning Update

P/14/0691, detailed application for house extension and 20m x 40m equestrian ménage at 8 Cauldcoats Holdings. MA tabled drawings of the proposals and following discussion it was agreed BACC would make no comment on them.

Any other Business

{C}{cke_protected_13}· {C}{cke_protected_14}Digital Engagement Workshop 30 Jan 2015 – no one is interested in attending this.

{C}{cke_protected_15}· {C}{cke_protected_16}The Community Café and Blackness Tots have stopped due to lack of support. There may be ways of resurrecting them – to be discussed.

{C}{cke_protected_17}· {C}{cke_protected_18}MA reported on a presentation on Falkirk Council’s need to make savings of £40m over the next 3 years made at the Community Council Forum he attended on 4 December. A series of possible savings have been listed – see http://www.falkirk.gov.uk/coins/agenda.asp?meetingid=2331 for education only see


All are encouraged to submit their comments on these savings and to encourage others to do so. Of particular local interest are the suggestions for education savings with the impact they could have on our school and on the suggestion to close the village toilets. The Community Council have already written to our local councillors on the latter matter.

{C}{cke_protected_19}· {C}{cke_protected_20}CS noted the roof of the shed outside the Community Hall is leaking – to be repaired by volunteers. CS and MW are keyholders.

{C}{cke_protected_21}· {C}{cke_protected_22}SG noted the gazebo, which had been bought for community use could be stored in the shed.

MA thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting at 8.50pm.

Date of Next Meeting:

Wednesday 21st January 2015 at 7.00pm in the Community Hall.