22 June 2015 - Thinking about home security

Neighbourhood Watch - Thinking about home security.

Lock the door?

Sound s like a silly question but many people don’t and as a result it’s open season for the housebreaker. Since many house breakers are opportunist thieves, taking this simple step can significantly reduce the chances of your home being broken into. Consider locking doors and windows when you’re in the house or just out in the garden. Once they are inside, thieves work fast so they don’t need long.

Keep your keys out of sight
Once the house breaker is inside he doesn’t want to spend long there. He’s going to get the smallest, highest value goods and get out. He looks around quickly and spots a coatrack. His hand goes to the inside pocket and he smiles. Car keys. A lot of recent house breakings in Scotland have involved the theft of cars in this way. It’s very hard to steal a modern car without the keys so you make things a lot more difficult for the likes of Hamish by keeping your car keys far away from the front door.   

Make your house look occupied 
The house breaker targets houses that he thinks are likely to be unoccupied. Certain things are a dead giveaway. Curtains closed or drawn from day to night tell him that those people may be on holiday but he’s also looking at the lights. At night the house with no lights on sticks out. That one’s been dark two nights in a row he notes. “Probably just left for the holidays.” Making your house look occupied and so less inviting to the house breaker. Many neighbourhood watches arrange to park in each other’s driveways or take in each other’s mail.   

Advanced Home Security

If you’re looking at the next level of security and considering a security alarm or other special security product make sure to look for products that have been endorsed by Secured for Design (SBD). 

You can find more information on alarm systems at www.nsi.org.uk  or www.ssaib.org
What you can do this week

Mark or take photos of three of your valuables
Better still arrange a property marking for your neighbourhood watch. There are many products which can be used to mark your property. This helps deter thieves and aid in the recovery of property. Putting your postcode and house number on possessions is the cheapest option but there are companies that provide other solutions.

Arrange for a police officer to give your watch a home security briefing.
Enter your postcode without spaces here to find your local Police Officer http://www.scotland.police.uk/your-community/