Edinburgh Airport Flight Paths - how it affects the Blackness Area.

I have posted an article from the Edinburgh Evening News (28th April) here.

The overall aim of the new trial flight path is to allow departures to double from the 2 minute interval maximum available now.  The route is in addition to the three existing westerly departure routes and is on trial for 6 months.  I have certainly noticed a marked degree of aircraft disturbance in the last few weeks with flights turning directly over our property at Cauldcoats.

The official information site is here: http://sid.edinburghairport.com/

Make sure you make your concerns felt - I already have and had direct email correspondence back from their PR machine within 24 hours. - leave feedback here http://sid.edinburghairport.com/feedback

IMHO this is a business driven attempt to double the potential traffic at Edinburgh Airport to create value for the Company and shareholders as a saleable asset.  The environmental impact has to be considerable in terms of noise and fuel pollution...what has happened to "saving the planet"?